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Mobile Kitchen Trailer – Standard Model 

It is manufactured for high quality  materials and affordable for the budget
it is a good size that is comfortable to transport even with smaller private
vehicles, so no need for a big SUV or 4×4 to tow it around to its destination.
This mobile kitchen is designed for 2 people to comfortably work inside
of it without it becoming a dangerous operation, as safety is always paramount.

Being a mobile unit it gives our clientele the opportunity to take their company
and products to their clients, this is a big key to the success of these units.
Our clients now have the opportunity to go to events across the country with
their mobile kitchen trailer and widen the client base that they already have.

Our standard mobile kitchen trailer has a clean and neat look from the outside
this is extremely important as our clients need to sell their products or food from
them, so the exterior aesthetic appearance is crustal to the success of the trailer.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer - STANDARD MODEL

Mobile Kitchen Food Vending Kiosk Trailer – Standard Model – Exterior

Mobile Kitchen Trailer – Standard Model – Exterior

The Exterior of our Standard Model Mobile Kitchen Trailer
is made from a high grade insulated panel body that is reinforced
with high grade structural framing that is hidden beneath it’s shell
this makes it durable to take on off-road rural areas in and around
South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Congo, Mozambique.

The trailer’s box is finished with a neat Aluminium and Stainless
steel edging, cornering and trim. The serving hatch of these units
are fitted with high grade waterproof sealing rubber edges. This will
give you piece of mind when your mobile kitchen is parked at an event
and the rain comes pouring down or the howling winds start the blow
away all the other gazebos and you can operate safe and securely.

The rear door for our Standard Mobile Kitchen Trailer is lockable
from the inside and outside and it is fitted with high grade hinges
and handles. Also fitted with high grade waterproof rubber sealing.

Mobile Kitchen Food Vending Kiosk Trailer STANDARD MODEL EXTERIOR

Mobile kitchen food vending kiosk trailer – Standard Model – Exterior

Mobile Kitchen Trailer – Standard Model – Interior

Our Standard Mobile Kitchen Trailer comes with equipment for
preparing and cooking a range of foods that will expand their menu.

Interior equipment
x1 Fryer – Gas operated
x1 Griller – Gas operated
x1 Stove – Gas operated
x2 Food warmers – Burner operated
x1 Sink – Mounted into panel top
x1 Table for equipment – Panel top
x1 Working surface – panel top
x1 Fire extinguisher
x1 Gas lining for equipment

Aluminium tread sheeting – non slip

Mobile Kitchen Food Vending Kiosk Trailer STANDARD MODEL INTERIOR

Mobile Kitchen Trailer – Standard Model – Interior with cooking equipmentt